Professional Djembes

World Braid

Description and Specs

Size Height Playing Surface Retail
L 19”-20” 10”-11” $219
XL 23”-24” 11”-12” $329

The World Braid Professional Series Djembe has a smooth brown finish with a three strand braid carved into the stem. Like all our professional djembes, the world braid djembe is built for sound first, with a special attention given to the functional details of each hand drum.

Freedom Drums is the industry leader in high quality African drums and other hand drums from various parts of the world. Our wholesale clients serve drummers and players in nearly every corner of the united states. We like to call it the Grassroots Percussion Movement.

It is in these various shops and classrooms that the Freedom Professional Series Djembe has made a name for itself as the workhorse of our product lines, providing amazing response and the smooth, sharp sound that our musicians and teachers are looking for. Join our wholesale family and become a reseller of our wonderful professional hand drums today. You will love being a part of our team!


  • World Braid
    • Djembe Head

Professional Djembes

Djembe Shell

  • Hand-made from one-piece sustainably-harvested mahogany heartwood.
  • Precision-lathe turned by Master Woodworkers for even shell wall thickness and symmetrical shape
  • etched with a grooved spiral pattern into the interior shell wall for crisp airflow.
  • Kiln-dried with multiple coats of teak oil to prevent cracks.
  • Sanded, rounded, and waxed bearing edge provides optimal tones for playing comfort.
  • Hand-carved shell exterior by multi-generation Master Carvers.

Djembe Head Mount

  • Headed with premium shaved and untreated goatskins taken from the goat’s spine.
  • Three-ring head construction locks the skin in place and eliminates slippage.
  • Roped with premium internally braided HTB non-stretch nylon rope strong enough to last a lifetime.
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