Handheld Percussion

Rod Juju Shaker

Description and Specs

The largest nut shaker that we carry, these baby’s are LOUD! This is the loudest shaker we have ever designed, and can be heard clearly in the loudest drum circle or music venue. The Rod Juju Shaker is approximately 10 inches long from top to bottom. Built by hand by our West African Craftsmen, it has an incredible range of volume from soft to ear shattering loud. It is built using a hard wood handle with nylon strings attaching the Jujus. Like all our professional hand drums and hand percussion products, this professional shaker is built to the highest standards.

  • Rod Juju Shaker

Handheld Percussion

Freedom Drums’ line of hand percussion products includes bells, shakers, marakas, and generally everything you need to give your percussion section or drum circle that extra pop. All our professional handheld percussion instruments are hand made by master craftsmen from various spots around the world.

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