Fiberglass Doumbeks

Lava Flow Textured

Description and Specs

Size Height Playing Surface List Price
N/A 17” 8” $159

The Lava Flow Textured Fiberglass Series Doumbek has a metallic feel and geometric line pattern ink-printed onto the mylar head that is immune to weather changes. these amazing hand drums pack a real punch for the price, with smooth sustained bass uncharacteristic of other hand drums and doumbeks. They make a wonderful addition to any hand drum circle or percussion gig.

The Textured Fiberglass Doumbek is one of our most popular wholesale percussion products. These drums add a great flare, even to drum kits. Lightweight and durable, crackling sharpness and bass. A truly amazing hand percussion instrument.

  • lava flow doumbek
    • Doumbek Head

Fiberglass Doumbeks

  • Durable fiberglass shell has a metallic look and feel.
  • ComfortFeel fiberglass ring holds the skin in place.
  • Fully adjustable eight lug alan wrench tuning system.
  • Synthetic head with beautiful ink-printed line pattern is resistant to moisture changes in the air.
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