Key-Tuned Djembes

Lava Flow Key

Description and Specs

The BRAND NEW Lava Flow Key-Tuned Textured Fiberglass Series Djembe provides all the amazing sound and feel of our fiberglass djembes with the convenience of key tuning. Headed with our all new FiberSkin synthetic drum skin, these babys have roaring bass and thunderous slap tones.
These are the finest synthetic djembes on the market. Purchase one today from one of our authorized online retailers and see for yourself. But be prepared to get lots of attention at your next drumming event!

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Key-Tuned Djembes


  • Fiberglass shell construction is durable and lightweight.
  • Fiberglass shell is stronger with deeper sound than similar PVC djembes.
  • Freedom Drums brand plate at the stem for authenticity.

Head Mount

  • FiberSkin Synthetic head has realistic look, sound and response.
  • Key-Tuned head mount with alan wrench for easy tuning
  • Two-ring head construction.
  • Roped with premium internally braided HTB non-stretch nylon rope strong enough to last a lifetime.
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