Kids Djembes

Kid's World Braid Djembe

Description and Specs

Size Height Playing Surface List Price
S 11”-12” 6”-7” $79
M 15”-16” 7”-8” $99

The World Braid Kid’s Series Djembe Drum has a three strand world braid pattern carved into the stem with a smooth brown finish. Our Freedom Kid’s Series Djembes are a great starter djembe for kids just learning to play African drums and other types of hand drums.
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  • 40 cm World Braid

Kids Djembes

Djembe Shell

  • Hand-made from one-piece sustainably-harvested mahogany heartwood.
  • Precision-lathe turned for even shell wall thickness and symmetrical shape.
  • Kiln-dried with multiple coats of teak oil.
  • Sanded, rounded, and waxed bearing edge for playing comfort.
  • Hand-carved shell exterior by multi-generation Master Carvers

Djembe Head Mount

  • Treated goatskins taken from the goat’s spine for optimal thickness.
  • Two-ring head construction
  • Roped with premium internally braided HTB non-stretch nylon rope.
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