Kids Djembes

Kids Ebony Weave Djembe

Description and Specs

Size Height Playing Surface Retail
S 11”-12” 6”-7” $79
M 15”-16” 7”-8” $99

The Ebony Weave Kids Series Djembe has a beautiful ebony finish with a woven pattern carved into the drum’s stem and bowl. It is an ideal djembe for children just learning to play African Drums, as well as for kids already versed in playing hand drums.
The smaller stature of these djembes along with their affordable price tag make them ideal for smaller children in particular, who may not be ready to support the weight of our professional djembes just yet.
They also provide a higher, sharper sound for djembe players who are looking to add a unique sound to their hand drum circle or professional stage setup. You won’t find a better sounding kid’s size djembe anywhere else on the market, wholesale or retail!

  • 40 cm Ebony Weave

Kids Djembes

Djembe Shell

  • Hand-made from one-piece sustainably-harvested mahogany heartwood.
  • Precision-lathe turned for even shell wall thickness and symmetrical shape.
  • Kiln-dried with multiple coats of teak oil.
  • Sanded, rounded, and waxed bearing edge for playing comfort.
  • Hand-carved shell exterior by multi-generation Master Carvers

Djembe Head Mount

  • Treated goatskins taken from the goat’s spine for optimal thickness.
  • Two-ring head construction
  • Roped with premium internally braided HTB non-stretch nylon rope.
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