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Kente CustomFit Djembe Case

Description and Specs

The Kente CustomFit Djembe Case features Freedom’s patented elastic system at the neck, which allows the case to stretch to fit any djembe’s neck and those of various other types of hand drums. They feature two zippers as well as adjustable backpack straps with a velcro pocket on the front. Each bag is quilted nylon on the interior to protect against moisture.

Our CustomFit cases fit a variety of African hand drums and other professional rope-tuned drums. Keeping your hand drum in a case is the number one thing you can do to protect your drum against cracks and to prolong the life of the skin. We recommend that you keep your hand drum in a case whenever you aren’t using it, as this preserves the tune by creating a barrier against moisture changes in the air that can affect the tuning, and lead to cracks in the shell.

Size Height Playing Surface List Price
L 20” 11” (Overall Diameter) $55
XL 24” 14” (Overall Diameter) $69
XXL 26” 16” (Overall Diameter) $79
  • Kente Bag Front
    • Kente Bag Back

Cases & Accessories

Our line of CustomFit and Heavy Duty Djembe Cases are the finest on the market.

Each series of case is custom designed for djembes, while also maintaining the versatility to house other types of hand drums as well. These cases provide the maximum protection for your instrument.

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