Handheld Percussion

Gourd Maracas

Description and Specs

The Freedom Drums Gourd Maracas are built using a natural gourd (shape will vary) and a nylon web with beads strung along it wrapped around the bowl of the gourd. They are hand made by West African Craftsmen and have an amazing sound to them. One of the most natural shakers on earth!
Gourd Marakas are available in small, medium, and large sizes (each size varies slightly due to the hand made nature of the product).

  • Gourd Shaker

Handheld Percussion

Freedom Drums’ line of hand percussion products includes bells, shakers, marakas, and generally everything you need to give your percussion section or drum circle that extra pop. All our professional handheld percussion instruments are hand made by master craftsmen from various spots around the world.

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