Fiberglass Djembes


Description and Specs

Size Height Playing Surface List Price
L 19”-20” 10”-11” $174
XL 23”-24” 11”-12” $224
XXL 25”-26” 12.5”-13.5” $314

The Emerald Textured Fiberglass Series Djembe has a textured emerald finish with treated goat skin and a thunderous sound. Never has there existed a synthetic hand drum with a better or more realistic djembe sound. Each Freedom Fiberglass Series Djembe comes with a CustomFit Djembe Case.

Our fiberglass djembes are built to be used as professional hand drums— they have amazing sound. The head mount is simpler than our professional djembes, and they are much lighter in weight. Freedom fiberglass djembes are among our most popular hand drums to date, and are especially popular for drummers seeking a lighter weight djembe.

The Freedom Fiberglass Series djembe’s sound blows other synthetic djembe shells right off the market. They are lightweight, durable, and have amazing volume and tones. Check out the sound clips below.

  • Green Roped
    • Brown Bag Front
    • Brown Bag Back
    • greentrio

Fiberglass Djembes


  • Fiberglass shell construction is durable and lightweight.
  • Fiberglass shell is stronger with deeper sound than similar PVC djembes.
  • Freedom Drums brand plate at the stem for authenticity.

Head Mount

  • FiberSkin Synthetic head has realistic look, sound and response.
  • Two ring head construction
  • Roped with premium internally braided HTB non-stretch nylon rope strong enough to last a lifetime.
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