Fiberglass Doumbeks

Emerald Textured

Description and Specs

The Emerald Textured Fiberglass Series Doumbek has an amazing textured metallic feel and an abstract geometric pattern printed on the synthetic mylar head. these hand drums are fully key tunable and virtually immune to changes in the weather that can de-tune other African-style hand drums.
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Size Height Playing Surface List Price
N/A 17” 8” $159
  • Emerald Doumbek
    • Doumbek Head

Fiberglass Doumbeks

  • Durable fiberglass shell has a metallic look and feel.
  • ComfortFeel fiberglass ring holds the skin in place.
  • Fully adjustable eight lug alan wrench tuning system.
  • Synthetic head with beautiful ink-printed line pattern is resistant to moisture changes in the air.
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