Video of the Week: Jesus Ramirez and his XL Ebony Weave Djembe

In an effort to demonstrate that the djembe is truly the most versatile hand drum on earth, each week Freedom Drums will be bringing you a new video from one of our artists that demonstrates the versatility, technique, and myriad applications of the djembe drum. These videos can range from djembe lessons to djembe music and even footage of drum circles in action!

This week’s video features Freedom Drums Artist Jesus Ramirez as he demonstrates the sound and style of his own personal drum, the XL Ebony Weave Professional Series Djembe. As you will see in the video, Jesus is a master hand drummer, with hand speed so lightning fast that his hands practically seem to disappear at some points. Jesus has the most innate sense of rhythm that we have ever encountered in a drummer, and yes we realize what a bold statement that is!

Seriously though, Jesus is a great guy as well as an amazing professional musician, professional drum instructor, and facilitator. You will definitely be seeing more of him in the years to come!

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