A Grassroots Percussion Movement

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We have officially launched our Grassroots Percussion Movement, you can check it out here to find out how you can get involved and help spread the effects of rhythm and hand drumming across the globe!

Here at Freedom Drums all of our professional hand drums are custom-designed using a combination of modern and traditional building techniques, while insuring that the drum is built for sound first, but at a pace that greatly reduces the building costs. But that’s only part of the equation on how we’re revolutionizing hand drumming.

The environment is a major concern for us at Freedom Drums. After all, what good is business if you don’t have a planet to live on?

That’s why our drums are all hand-carved from one-piece sustainably harvested premium Mahogany heartwood. We believe wood supplies can be harvested and used responsibly, and our carvers only buy our wood from trusted, verified sources to insure the most ecologically sound harvesting practices are followed.

We are not some giant corporation, we’re drummers just like you. We believe that providing a top quality product at a fair price will make drumming and rhythm more accessible to the masses.

Affordable Drums Built for Professionals: The Freedom Drums way.

With Freedom Drums’ products you can feel secure that buying and playing them will not link you to massive deforestation or atrocious sweatshop labor practices. We work as partners with our carvers, not employers, in a symbiotic business relationship. The back and forth dialog between us as partners is the very foundation of what makes our drums so amazing!

Professional Drums for the Everyday player—it’s no longer just a motto, it’s a fact. Pick one up and see for yourself. Whether you’re a seasoned professional musician or an amateur hobbyist, we guarantee you will fall in love with our sound! Find Freedom Drums products online or at a local music shop near you.

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