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09/10/09 A Grassroots Percussion Movement

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We have officially launched our Grassroots Percussion Movement, you can check it out here to find out how you can get involved and help spread the effects of rhythm and hand drumming across the globe! Here at Freedom Drums all of our professional hand drums are custom-designed using a combination of modern and traditional building techniques, while insuring that the drum is built for sound first, but at a pace that greatly reduces the building


09/14/10 The Freedom Drums "Get Out and Play!" Photo Submission Contest is here!

50 cm classic weave

Hey everyone! First of all, thanks for your support of Freedom Drums through our first year (that’s right, we’re over 1 year old now!) of business! To say thanks, we’re kicking off our “Get out and Play!” campaign for the fall season by having a contest for our customers and fans where they send in pictures of themselves “out and about” playing their Freedom Drums Djembe or other Freedom Drums hand percussion items! The winner


09/12/10 Corey Hess of More Than Lights Gets some Circus Action on his Freedom XL Classic Breeze Djembe

In this week’s video our sponsored artist Corey Hess and some friends lay down the rhythm for some circus stunts at Corey’s band More Than Lights’ Officlal CD Release party in Minneapolis, MN. The party went off with a bang and the album, The Electric Prescription for All Your Funky Illz is AMAZING and if you haven’t heard it yet you need to scoot on out and get yourself a copy


08/26/10 This Week's Featured Video: Jesus Ramirez demos the sick sound of our Key-Tuned Fiberglass Djembes

Hey All! This week’s video of the week features the Key-Tuned Fiberglass Series Djembe w/ FiberSkin Head. These drums are great for all venues, from the stage to the beach to just jamming by yourself at home! Take home that classic djembe sound with the ease of key tuning! Plus, our FiberSkin heads don’t fluctuate with the weather, meaning you get that same pop and crisp sound every time you play, with less tuning and


08/19/10 Video of the Week: Jesus Ramirez and his XL Ebony Weave Djembe

In an effort to demonstrate that the djembe is truly the most versatile hand drum on earth, each week Freedom Drums will be bringing you a new video from one of our artists that demonstrates the versatility, technique, and myriad applications of the djembe drum. These videos can range from djembe lessons to djembe music and even footage of drum circles in action! This week’s video features Freedom Drums Artist Jesus Ramirez as he demonstrates


06/30/10 INTRODUCING Freedom Drums Key-Tuned Fiberglass Series Djembes


The Freedom Drums Key=Tuned Fiberglass Series Djembes have arrived! These drums are lightweight and durable, with amazing volume of sound and response. Each drum is headed with our FiberSkin synthetic hand drum head, the finest synthetic skin on the market today! Now you can experience all the sound and response of our fiberglass djembes with the convenience and ease of key-tuning! The drums are available in Lava Flow , Emerald Glow, and Midnight styles Check


05/14/10 Check out Jesus Ramirez at Let Us Jam 2009 playing with August Kube

Check out the video below of Freedom Artist Jesus Ramirez playing a variety of Freedom Drums djembes with Los Angeles jam band August Kube. Jesus proves once again why he’s one of the most versatile hand drummers on the planet, using djembes like congas in a way that was totally new to us!

05/10/10 Freedom Drums in Drum! Magazine's 2010 "New From NAMM" Issue!

Freedom Drums Drum  New From NAMM

Check out the write up on Freedom Drums products in Drum! Magazine’s New From NAMM 2010 Issue! We are so thankful to Drum! for spreading the good word on our amazing hand drums and hand percussion products!


03/27/10 New FiberSkin Drumheads!

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Freedom Drums is proud to announce our new FlberSkin synthetic hand drum skins, available on all our Fiberglass models starting in May 2010! Comprised of a mylar base with an innovative texture spray-coated onto it, these amazing heads represent the latest innovation in synthetic hand drum skins, providing amazing response and sound, a smooth feel, and holding their tune in all weather conditions! FiberSkin is the most realistic synthetic skin on the market today, with


03/16/10 Inroducing Freedom Drums new line of hand percussion instruments!

Orange Colanut Shekere

Freedom Drums line of hand percussion instruments is here! We’ve got the finest selection of hand made cast iron bells, as well as gourd shakers, cola nut shekeres, and various other types of professional hand percussion instruments. We’ve got more coming throughout the spring, stay tuned!! As with all Freedom Drums professional hand drums and hand percussion products, we guarantee that you’ll love our sound! It is our mission to provide top quality drums and

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