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We’re on a mission.

For thousands of years humans from cultures across the globe have used hand drums for a variety of applications, ranging from religious ceremonies to evening entertainment. Drumming, and more importantly rhythm, have become an integral part of the human experience. There is an undeniable sense of healing in rhythm, as well as a true connection that is made in sharing it with others that cannot quite be found anywhere else. We are, after all, communal beings. Nothing ties this together better than the sharing and playing of music together.

Though not lost in the modern world, we believe this feeling has become a less integral part of our communities and cultures through the centuries. With your help, Freedom Drums is seeking to bring that back.

Get Involved.

It all starts with you. All it takes is a couple drums and a couple of willing friends to start a drum circle in your community. We believe this is an excellent way to meet and connect with your neighbors and fellow citizens. Through this sharing of rhythm we believe that eventually dialogues will be opened, walls will be broken down, and that people can overcome the divides of culture, politics, religion, education, and language to view ourselves as one community, one heartbeat.

We’ve got step by step instructions on how to get started. Download the following document (in .pdf format, COMING SOON…), which has a step by step process as well as many tips on rhythm resources etc. Once you get your drum circle formed at the local level, contact us (you can follow the link or use the contact form at the bottom of the page) and we will assist you in getting your circle added to the database the good people at have created.

Right now the movement is in its earliest stages, so stay tuned for news about Freedom Drums sponsored events as well as other opportunities we will be posting from around the United States for you to get out and get your drum on! Start locally, move globally! If you need any help finding instruments to get started, go here to see a list of our online retailers, or go here to find a dealer near you!

Drum Circle Information and Resources

below are helpful links for finding drum circles, drum circle facilitators, and in general all things hand percussion! If you have any suggestions for us on how to expand or improve upon the database of information here (which is just getting started) please contact us and pitch them to us. Dialog is what building community is all about!

Find a Drum Circle

USA Drum Circle Finder
Drum Circle Meetup Groups

Find a Facilitator

Freedom Drums Affiliated Facilitators Database Coming Soon…

Drum Circle Facilitators Guild


Drum Lessons

Information on Hand Drumming and Helpful Links

Drum Circle Etiquette
Drum Circle Wikipedia entry
Find or Start a Drum Circle
Drum Circle Facilitation: Building Community Through Rhythm By Arthur Hull
Sacred beat: from the heart of the drum circle By Patricia Telesco, Don Two Eagles Waterhawk
The heart of the circle: a guide to drumming By Holly Blue Hawkins

Rhythm Resources

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