Jesus Ramirez, Freedom Drums Sponsored Artist

jesus ramirez

Jesus Ramirez was born in the Dominican Republic into an artistic and creative family. Born with severe hearing loss, at age seven his interest in percussion began with beat boxing. Already at such a young age he was developing a fascination with sound.

At age thirteen Jesus was naturally drawn to drumming, where he was able to develop an ear and and understanding for music through rhythmical vibration, leading to a passion and appreciation for rhythm and percussion that continues today. Jesus was able to pursue drumming despite the fact that he was hearing impaired.

Today Jesus is a self-taught drummer and percussionist, as well as a teacher himself. His playing is influenced by a vast variety of styles, such as Caribbean rhythms ( merengue, bachata, salsa, bolero, etc), funk , rock , Latin jazz and hip-hop. He has played with numerous groups and bands in live performances and recordings, and has also been teaching now for over twelve years.
Currently Jesus is a music student as well as a performing artist, and he is working toward a master’s degree in performance percussion. He lives in Pacoima, California.

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