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Mahogany Sunrise

Freedom Drums percussion products are the hottest new djembes and african drums on the market. They represent a major innoavation in they way djembe drums are built, and the price they are sold at. Never before have professional djembes and professional percussion products been so affordable to the masses!

Red Fiberglass
And that’s really the point. We believe that hand drumming has roots in everyone’s culture, regardless of their ethnicity or region or origin. Rhythm is something that we all use in our everyday lives, whether it be in listening to music, scheduling our day, or even the linguistic styles we employ when talking to each other, which are given much of their effect by the rhythm we speak them in.

Maze Master Series
The djembe takes its’ roots from this same concept. Because of it’s wide array of bass, rim, pop and slap tones, as well as the endless variety of combinations and muted tones that can be played on the djembe, it was used by the Malinke people of Africa as a gathering drum, the word djembe roughly translating to “gather around,” and the instrument being used to communicate messages across long distances from tribe to tribe and person to person.

We believe people still use it for pretty much the same reasons today, to bring together people from multiple creeds and cultures, to “gather around” and share in the joy of life as human beings, by playing in rhythm together. We hope that our hand drums and other hand percussion insrtuments will provide you with the vessel you need to cross whatever gap exists between yourself and other s around you, and to call them together in celebration of life and health! Professional Drums for the Everyday Player!

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