10/08/09 Textured Fiberglass Series Doumbeks: RAZOR SHARP sound!

Red Doumbek

Our Textured Fiberglass Series Doumbeks are quickly becoming the standard by which all synthetic doumbeks are measured. They are custom-designed to simultaneously be durable and relatively lightweight. The metallic feel of our shell is reminiscent of spun copper, and when paired with our custom solid colored finishes gives a show-stopping shine and touch. And that’s before you even hear the sound! Think searing rolls and warm bass tones. No matter what your playing level these


09/10/09 A Grassroots Percussion Movement

back branding

We have officially launched our Grassroots Percussion Movement, you can check it out here to find out how you can get involved and help spread the effects of rhythm and hand drumming across the globe! Here at Freedom Drums all of our professional hand drums are custom-designed using a combination of modern and traditional building techniques, while insuring that the drum is built for sound first, but at a pace that greatly reduces the building


09/12/10 Corey Hess of More Than Lights Gets some Circus Action on his Freedom XL Classic Breeze Djembe

In this week’s video our sponsored artist Corey Hess and some friends lay down the rhythm for some circus stunts at Corey’s band More Than Lights’ Officlal CD Release party in Minneapolis, MN. The party went off with a bang and the album, The Electric Prescription for All Your Funky Illz is AMAZING and if you haven’t heard it yet you need to scoot on out and get yourself a copy


03/16/10 Inroducing Freedom Drums new line of hand percussion instruments!

Orange Colanut Shekere

Freedom Drums line of hand percussion instruments is here! We’ve got the finest selection of hand made cast iron bells, as well as gourd shakers, cola nut shekeres, and various other types of professional hand percussion instruments. We’ve got more coming throughout the spring, stay tuned!! As with all Freedom Drums professional hand drums and hand percussion products, we guarantee that you’ll love our sound! It is our mission to provide top quality drums and


12/06/09 Wholesale professional djembes and hand percussion products from Freedom Drums

Mahogany Sunrise

Freedom Drums percussion products are the hottest new djembes and african drums on the market. They represent a major innoavation in they way djembe drums are built, and the price they are sold at. Never before have professional djembes and professional percussion products been so affordable to the masses! And that’s really the point. We believe that hand drumming has roots in everyone’s culture, regardless of their ethnicity or region or origin. Rhythm is something

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